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Stress a mess

It is three weeks till X-mas. Everybody is pulling hair off their heads and stressing out.

Stress is an ignorant thing: it thinks that everything is an emergency.
Oh, and it might be, but I always do things that are more pleasant or easy the first. And it always goes so wrong.

Few minutes ago I made myself a calendar to systematize some stuff and start working on it. My friends lately are all with black bags under their eyes, talking nonsense (I, actually, like that) and being so weird. The reason is - three weeks till X-mas. Projects, X-mas presents, exams, work deadlines, travels.

Even my thoughts can't go smoothly and I wouldn't be surprised if you will not understand anything that I'll tell you tonight. Stress makes me a mess.

I bet my pinky finger that it makes you a mess too. Wait, it also makes you do important tasks. Hmm.. Man, I got so lost! Stress is a mess and a bless?

No that's just a mess, self motivation is a bless, stress is a mess.

Now stop thinking how close your deadline is and work! Out of STRESSED make DESSERTS. Well, at least it goes like that when you read it backwards. Read your stress backwards.

Now I have 18 days to make my life worth living and countdown starts now. After publishing I'm gonna cross out one thing of my calender. So stay calm and carry on.

like a "Squirrel in the circle" Ugne

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