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Evenings. for romance


lovely name for the band.

candle lights, autumn leaves, still pink roses in midnights, still full moons and blah blah..
might be because I became more romantic lately.

I watched four pathetic romantic comedies yesterday. FOUR! something is wrong with me.. Three before going out and one after... at 3 in the morning. I missed college party 'cuz of comedy about bridesmaid. I swear this is just hilarious

However, sometimes it happens, I feel pretty happy and as long as it is like that I should enjoy being romantic and dreamy. I could even use that and start creating something lovable. It is really rear time that i feel 'butterflyishdolphinish' but c'mon. Maybe it is time to redecorate a part of appartment where I live in.

I spent hour and a half walking back from Fox'n'Hounds yesterday. Usually it takes 15 minutes, but I got lucky and I got lost couple of times, got some wild roses and loads of thinking. And I am still in a thinking mode.

Anyway if you like 'em Evenings, I suggest to get a North Dorm EP in HERE.

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