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Federal Unicorns

Well, yeah...
I think it's right about time, to share more...

So this one band, which has REALLY ridiculous name Federal Unicorns (forgive me), is actually doing pretty good stuff...
Robert Jancewicz, Jakub Sypniewski, Kristian Kå - three guys from AU-IBT doing covers and not just covers of well-know bands such as Kings of Leon, N.E.R.D, The Hives, etc.
And doing not so bad.
Actually, gotta admit they are doing good..
I don't know if it is because they are people who i know, or for their talent..

Anyway, you got to check it out..

gotta love that one, makes me feel desperate and instantly find a romantic guy, well it doesn't work so well..haha

for more info of their "horny rock" and their further moves in HERE

photos from Cafe Fry in Hell'ning

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