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feels like thursday

few songs while exploring British culture and stuff for my studies
here are two of my favourite artist MORCHEEBA and TRICKY
totally British/English

Morcheeba-Undress Me Now for very begining

the first time when i felt the love to Morcheeba was when i saw one of the first album covers which amazed me with bright red tint and one line drawing. then there were long nights spent with Morcheeba. you remember those CDplayers, pancake shape ones? and the strange sounds they make if you shake it? this was my Morcheeba.Don't even remember the name of album, I think my dad bought it illegaly in market or somewhere. oh, that was long time ago. i was maybe 10 or 12. since then Morcheeba just can not leave me alone. turns me on, gives some air.and i hope they will keep doing that

now another one album is in process. Blood like diamond is coming

Tricky-Evolution Revolution Love

Dark, slow, relaxing sounds, rythm which is so unstable on one hand and so deeply affecting in other. woman who is whispering and little bit of hip hop, meditation atmosphere. candles. dark coffee without any sugar, any milk, anything. Tricky music is totally finished. i never missed anything in there. i didn't want any spices. anything. This is pure gold. also from my daddy's audio library. at these moments i start to think that i got really good start to expand my musical taste.

you got to know TRICKY and MORCHEEBA.
and that's enough for today.


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